HW 3, HW 5 and HW 7

HW 3, HW 5 and HW 7 are solid Double Action Revolvers for those customers who prefer small and handy guns. We offer these models in cal. .22 l.r., cal. .22 Win. Mag. R. F., and cal. .32 S&W long. Additionally, these guns are available as a “Duo-Version” in cal. .22 Win. Mag. R. F. with interchangeable cylinder in cal. .22 l.r. (except model HW 7 S).
Available are: model HW 5 T and HW 7 T with adjustable micro rear sight, model HW 7 S with laterally adjustable sight and models HW 3, HW 5, HW 7 with fixed notch.


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Technical data

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